About Us

We are Chris and Alyssa Erickson.  We have three children ages 5, 3 and 1. We love Jesus. We love our family.  And we love both of those things more when we are exploring the outdoors together.

Our desire is for united families that interact and enjoy each other.  That are experiencing, risking, and acting together.  That is one of our visions for our family.  And we believe strongly in it. Families that play together, stay together.

Maybe the outdoors don't do it for you.  Maybe a weekend camping is like a trip to the dentist, you hate the snow and have a fear of heights.  I get that.  But find out what makes you tick and do it TOGETHER.  It is about so much more than climbing or skiing or camping.

So... this blog was born out of need...our need to get back outdoors again after having 3 babies in semi-rapid succession and fumbling our way through how to do it. In truth, there is no fail safe bullet list that will make your weekend trip an adventure. However, there are many things we have learned, many things that helped ensure our success, and many more that led to our demise that we want to pass on.

On this blog we are hoping to provide creative ways to keep the kids warm, happy and fed. Along with stunning locations to keep the parents warm, happy, and soul fed. There will be gear reviews - for better or worse. And hopefully some articles from "guest bloggers" and kindred spirits we have met along the way that share our love for the outdoors. 

So join us on our journey. Exhilarating at times and painful at others. And please, share your own tidbits as well.  Leaving comments helps this blog be a success.