Monday, October 24, 2011

Challenge Buttress, Big Cottonwood Canyon, UT

Location: 15 Minutes up Big Cottonwood Canyon, across the road from Storm Mountain Picnic Area.  Park on the side of the road.  Follow trail up the steep washout just east of the glacier gully.

Cost: free

What to expect: 5-10 minute approach, steep at first, then levels out.  The base of most the climbs are safe for kids, giving them room to play, but the thick bushes keep them from wandering very far.  Cool in the mornings, sun on the east side mid-morning, sun on west side in the afternoon.  This area can get very crowded so go in the morning to avoid the crowd.

Routes are mixed, with 5.6s right next to 5.9s and 5.10s.  Our kids did awesome on the easier routes, they were very attainable for them, and we had a great time on the harder routes.  This is definitely a family favorite.

Caution: In the spring keep the kids in hand as high run off leads to raging rivers.

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